Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Hotness! New Aquisition! - Black Faux Fur Vest

Esty.com has struck again!  Or I should say I have struck Esty.com again..LOL!  They have hit upon the perfect marketing formula for shopping addicts like myself. :-).  They send a "spotlight" email of 10-15 items in a nice little newsletter type format to entice you to go and look at the shops.  Brilliant!! Another vest from this shop was in the hightlights newsletter, but when clicked over, I discovered someone with quicker click capabilities had beat me to it! The next item on the list was this one and at $30.00 was a steal so I snatched it up! I noticed the seller, who runs a quaint vintage on-line shop on Etsy.com, has a blog as well so I clicked over and gave it a read.  I am already putting together the outfits to wear with this fantastic Fall/Winter find! 
You can visit the vintage shop I purchased it at here.  MyVintageSecret.  Since it is a vintage shop, the inventory is constantly changing, which is one of the things I love about these types of places!  Enjoy!

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