Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Got Denman Brushes!!

So far with my natural hair I've only been coming while wet in the shower and distributing product /combing/styling with my hands.  I have been reading off and on for a while now about the pros and cons of The Denman, and since my hair is getting a bit longer, I'm looking for alternate ways to distribute product and smooth and detangle. I ended up getting the small (D1431) - 5 rows of bristles and the Large (D41) - 9 rows of bristles.  I tried the large first and definitely is for longer hair, shoulder and beyond use. So I put in the closet for future.  :-).  The smaller brush works well with smoothing and distributing product, but I also noticed it flattened my hair into waves with curl on the bottom.  I had to "refluff and scrunch" to get back a more curly look. I do like it, but I will use occasionally...not every day and only after hair is already detangled when I get out of the shower.

Features and Benefits:

•Anti-static rubber pad provides maximum control during blow-drying
•Smooth, round-ended pins for gentle, snag-free styling
•Helps to detangle thick hair and is especially suitable for maintaining naturally curly hair
•Hygienic and durable with resistance to heat and chemicals
•Free flow pin pattern
•Made in the United Kingdom
Brush Care:
1.The rubber pad and pins can be removed for easy cleaning
2.Regularly remove loose hairs with a comb
3.Wash occasionally in warm water
4.Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight
5.Apply liquid soap to handle runners for easy replacement of the pad

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