Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have You Tried? - Spoolies!!

Unlike conventional hair rollers, which are hard and unforgiving, these tried-and-true hair spools or "Spoolies" are made of soft, pliable plastic so you can leave them in overnight and still get a good night’s sleep. Simply wrap your hair around the center of the spool and fold over the large end to secure. Small spools measure 1" long and create ½" curls. Large spools are approx. 3¼" long. 24 spools per pack.
•No need to remove before going to bed
•Made of soft plastic
•No annoying pins to fuss with
•Available in 2 sizes

I'm thinking to order these in the large size and try them out on a wet or damp hair set and see what happens.  Just something new to maybe add into rotation. Apparently the vintage ones are rubber and the "newer" version is a cheap PVC plastic.  The original rubber ones can be pre-ordered on the spoolies website.

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Anonymous said...

I tried Spoolies a long time ago, when I was a teenager. I had VERY long hair then (almost down to my coccyx), and 1 large curler would not hold all that hair, even in a 1/2" section.

Spoolies are wonderful for short or shoulder-length hair, but for thicker hair I would recommend Clairol's Lock'N'Roll heated flexible curlers. They're effective without being completely clumsy.

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