Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Product Review: Kronos Phyx Overnight Hair Repair Mask

I was lucky enough to get a FULL sized bottle of this wonderful hair mask in my very first box.  If you don't know about beauty fix, get over there and check it out!!  It like Christmas every quarter right to your door for us product junkies!  For around $50 for every delivery, you get a huge box of full sized products.
Granted, one or two of the items I usually give away, this conditioner alone retails at $79.00 on HSN (and I've seen it for over $100 other places)  Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque for Hair helps diminish breakage, spilt ends and dullness with:

T-sfere Technology - encapsulates multiple ingredients and delivers them into specific targeted areas of the hair shaft for healthier, fuller, shinier, younger looking hair.

Has Kronos Hydrabond Strengthening Complex - helps promote hydration, repair and improve the look and feel of damaged, dry, brittle hair. Helps protect hair from future damage, frizz and humidity.

Has Kronos Ambosko Complex - patent-pending formula helps deliver powerful conditioning agents for improved softness, smoothness, shine and volume.

Has Kronos I–Shine Luster Complex - helps deliver long-lasting shine, softness and manageability.

Has Kronos K-Boost Volumizing Complex - contains ingredients to help promote stronger, fuller hair.

Has Mineral Complex - contains 26 minerals that encourage the conditions for healthy hair.

2 dispensing options - comes in a pump dispenser that may be changed out with the included "press-to-open" cap.

I LOVED this stuff and if I could I would buy a big industrial drum full of it, bus alas, it is just too expensive for regular consumption and there are other condishes/leave-ins that work just as well. (sad face) I think I might one day splurge and get another bottle from HSN.  :-) or put it on my wish list on  LOL!


ChocolateOrchid said...

Glad this product worked out for you. And thanks for the info. on I will be checking it out.

Tina said...

Definitely check out beautyfix! I've noticed that the more feedback you give them with the survey, questionaires they email you, etc. They add a bit of customization to your package as they get to know your tastes better, which is great!

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