Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time For Some Henna!!

I've been using BAQ (Body Art Quality) Black African Henna from for about 4 months now.  Even though Henna is kinda drying to me to use straight up, I find it does a bang up job mixed with other things to curb the drying effects, boost moisture and shine.  I will typically mix in Amla (to retain and refresh curl pattern), Indigo (to cool the intensity of the red to a dark auburn color), Camellia oil and sometimes Honey.  

I will steam for an hour with the Henna pack on my head, plastic cap it and putter around the house cleaning and doing laundry for another 3 or 4 hours and rinse out.  I mixed up a pack on Thursday evening, cover and let it sit on the stove until early Saturday morning when I apply.  I'm infusing my Camellia oil with fenugreek, amla and hibiscus flowers and I will add 4 or 5 tablespoons of the mixture to the Henna, along with the Amla/Indigo mix I make and put in right before I apply the mixture.
I will probably deep condish after as well. 

Sometimes I will deep condish the following day so I can make sure I have gotten out all the henna and to determine dryness level. Will post after treament pics!!  I'm really loving the color it gives also...wonderfully highlighted hair without the trip to the hair dresser, chemicals or hundreds of dollars!!


ChocolateOrchid said...

I will have to try this method. I hennaed with my steamer this weekend but rinsed it out immediately after I steamed. (Yes, I'm an impatient coookie.) The color took but, in my opinion, could've been stronger.

Possibly crazy question: When you steam with the henna on your head, you do put a plastic cap over it? I can't imagine not, but just want to cover all my bases.

Tina said...

Heya! Don't rinse out right after steaming! With anything you steam you have to let it cool down and let the hair cuticle close in all that goodness, that's why I steam in the beginning (no plastic cap) I put it on right after I steam and let it sit for another 3 or so hours and then rinse. My color uptake was great. Steam with no cap and then plastic cap it and allow it to cool down before you rinse out whatever you have in your hair.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Thanks! Why I did not consider this I don't know. When I henna next month, I'll do just that. I'll also keep this in mind period when using my steamer.

Thanks again!

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