Sunday, November 1, 2009

Visit My New Natural Hair Care Shop On!!

After thinking about this for a while, mixing and matching different herbs until I was satisfied with the results, I've opened my on-line shop, Elan Tresses!!  My first product is up for sale, herbal tea bags for tea rinses and oil infusions. I am working on a few other products and when I am satisfied with the results, I will put up for sale as well.  Below are details of the tea bags and if any other hair bloggers want to review, I will send the first 10 people to email me a request 1 teabag with recipes of their choice!  And of course, go buy some!!  :-)
Herbal Tea Rinses and fortified oils are one of the best ways to aid your tresses in healthy growth and help to restore hairs natural lustre and beauty. Herbs are sealed in a tea bag for easy clean up. Each tea bag is good for one use and comes with directions for use with either a tea rinse or and oil infusion for scalp and tresses. Visit me at for more hair and fun!  6 Teabags per pack.

Available in:
Organic Hibiscus - Stimulates thicker hair growth and prevent premature graying, hair loss and scalp disorders. A natural, emollient hair conditioner.
Amla - The fruit is one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C, and it yields an oil that has been used for centuries to treat the hair and scalp. It is said to penetrate the scalp and strengthen hair at its root, to stop and reverse abnormal hair loss and to promote stronger, healthier new growth.
Fenugreek - Fenugreek promotes hair growth and makes it curly.A natural emollient lecithin, known to strengthen and moisturize hair, is present in abundance. Similaraly, high content of protein in Fenugreek explains its restorative ability on damaged and falling hair.
Rosemary - Brings out richness and depth of dark colored hair. Stimulates the scalp, prevent hair loss and help to regrow hair.
Mixed Packs of 3 and 3:


ChocolateOrchid said...

Congrats on your new etsy shop!

Tina said...

awwww..thank you! Here's to a new business! <3

Indulgenceiskey said...

Hi there! Congratulations and I wish you nothing but success!

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