Monday, January 11, 2010

I've Got You Covered!!

OMG!! Is it cold out or what?!  I find myself wishing for a 90+ degree NJ summer day at this point, and that is not good.  I had to resort to drastic hair protection measures because my hair HATES the cold and retaliates with frizzy, dryness and stiffness!  I have completely ceased going outside at all with wet or damp hair as well as making sure it's covered with my big trapper fur hat to keep the cold and wind completely blocked!

 I found this cute, warm and inexpensive one on-line at Fur Hat and I get loads of compliments when I wear it.  I thought it looked kinda crazy at first, but I'm feeling it now.  LOL!  Another great thing is the inside of the hat is lined by a satiny quilt material and had a generous fur edging along the bottom inside the hat, so no friction to your tresses!!

Whatever option you choose to protect your delicate  tresses and all your hard work; make sure you cover that head!  Be wary of wool hats and other friction making fabrics which will cause breakage.  If you do have a wool cap or beret, make sure it is lined with a satiny material!

Keep WARM Everyone!!

1 comment:

n_vizion said...

Cute hat. I'd love to see a pic of you sporting it.

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