Sunday, January 31, 2010

Product Review: Anita Grant's Chocolate Banana Rhassoul Deep Condish Spa Mud and MORE!!

I finally got around to using some of my Anita Grant product haul!  I mixed the spa mud with hot coconut milk-broke up the blocks and stirred until it was melted chocolate consistency.  Rhassoul Deep Condish Spa Mud contains Unrefined Black Cocoa Butter & natural Soya based Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) which helps to guard scalp & hair from free radical damage. When hot liquid is added to our Rhassoul Deep Condishes, it swells & increases its surface area like a highly porous sponge. Attracting & trapping toxins into these open porous spaces so that when it comes time to rinse from your hair, the toxins are eliminated and you're left with detoxified fluffy soft tresses.

I washed my hair before hand with their Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar.  It lathers fantastically and rinses out clean.  I applied the mud to damp hair and plastic capped it for about 2 hours.

After I rinsed and detangled with
HE Hello Hydration, then put a little more back in for leave in.  I could definitely tell the difference in the shower even with the moisture, elasticity and smoothness after rinsing out.

I combed into two braids and twirled the ends around my finger and tied a silk scarf over it for sleeping.  The next day I undid the braids and hand-styled.  I must say I was very pleased with the results and my hair is FINALLY happy and moisture filled!...And it is still wonderfully soft and moisturized 12 hours later!

Tonight I added a little Natural Coconut Rosewood Dry Oil, combed through with my fingers and re-braided. 

I added moisture to my ends with JessieCurl Deep Conditioner (my hair hates as a deep condish, loves as a leave-in, go figure), twirled the ends and silk scarfed it.  I am going to see how long my hair will hold up with this nightly routine before I have to co-wash. 

I ordered the 3-30 gram cubes to try it out, but next time I will order several of the large 940 gram blocks to be sure I have on hand.  I'm thinking next time I henna I will do half infused tea and half coconut milk.  I'm sure the coconut milk had more than a little to do with my great results so I am anxious to try it again with other ingredients.

Will keep you posted!!  P.S.  After packing my hair with the spa mud, I also did a facial mask with the sample of  Organic Dark Chocolate & Banana Smoothie Face Mask (which came in a little baggie in powder form).  I added a little bit of the left over coconut milk to the bag and smooshed it till creamy and smoothed over a freshly washed face.  Ohhhh...the smell was heavenly and the softness after I rinsed it off..I couldn't stop touching my face! I have the rest in the fridge and hope to get 2 more facials out of sample.


NewRibena said...

Thanks for the great review of the Anita Grant products. I've been eyeing the Rhassoul Deep Condish Spa Mud for a while but haven't come to terms with the shipping rates. I'll probably give in soon and place that order.

ChocolateOrchid said...

So jealous. ;) I've also been wanting to try Anita Grant products. Hopefully, I'll get around to it sometime this summer.

Tina aka Beanie said...

I would definitely try the mud treatment. I can't wait to re-order some more!

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