Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Product Review - Pantene Curly Hair Series Deep Moisturising Treatment

I've been pretty much sticking to my regulars when I do my deep condishes, I've been slacking off a bit as of late, I'll admit, but have made a commitment to do once a week from now through September. It appears that in it's natural state I get a good amount of growth during the summer months. This is only my second natural summer, though, so we will have to see. I took a look at my deep condish arsenal and saw that it was time to do a re-stock.  Pantene has always had pretty good condtioners and shampoos, and I have used them off and on through the years while my hair was relaxed.  What caught my attention with this paticular formula is that is specifically has been formulated for Curly Hair. At around $7.00US I decided to pick one up and try it out.
Most definitely a keeper!!  Creamy without feeling overly heavy on the hair, lightly floral in scent with a slight undertone of coconuts, it goes on smooth and easily distributes through the hair.  I bagged and tagged my hair (Beanie speak for plastic cap and scarf, LOL!) overnight after doing about 30 mins. under the heat cap and rinsed out the next morning.  Rinsed out clean to moisturized, smooth, silky and defined tresses.
 I am wondering how this stuff might work as a leave in mixed with say HH Hello Hydration? Will have to see.  This is one of a new series released just this May and I will be sure to pick up a bottle of their Light Conditioning Detangler, as it gets high marks across the board too according to other websites.
Definitely recommend this one and it goes along side the Neautrogena Deep Treatment as one of my staple low priced Deep Condishes.

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