Thursday, August 19, 2010

File Under WTF?!?! - Your Aunt Viv's New Wig Line

Because it is Thursday and I can't with you people today, I present your Aunt Viv's new wig line.  Designed to take you from church to the club and everywhere in between, your Aunt Viv has been workin over time creating styles just for you. 

This whole thing gets my extreme eyebrow raised side eye.


curly hair tips said...

Wigs are a big business, especially if they are human hair wigs.

I think they can be fun if you are transitioning or want to try out a new style without the commitment of relaxing or straightening your hair.

I knew a girl who would wear a different wig to work each week. She literally looked like a different person each week I saw her.


LoL...I just have one question...what the heck happened to her face?

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog...and Mini would love to have a big sister...She asks for one all the

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