Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can't Take It No More!! Getting A Bonnet Dryer

I'm sitting here waiting for my wet hair to dry enough so I can venture outside with my fedora on to do some shopping and have Thai for dinner. As my hair is getting longer and fuller it takes longer and longer to dry. The winds are howling outside and what I should have done is bunned it and went on about my business.

So while I'm sitting here, I finally broke down and got myself a bonnet hair dryer. This one is a good price ($119.00) and it has an adjustable stand which means I don't have to try to find a tabletop that is the right height and drag a chair to it. I can move it where I please! I also got my hair steamer from the same company last year and was very happy with the delivery time, free shipping and quality of the steamer. I'm working on balancing my porisity levels, moisture and strengthing routines as I saw some breakage last year around this time for not paying attention to it.

I'm also adding Roux Porosity Control Conditioner into the mix as I hear this is great for keeping hair at the proper Ph level of around 4.5. to add strength.

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bacalove said...

Love your blog. Just discovered it today by searching for Rhassoul deep conditioner, which I am going to try. Also want to get a steamer.

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