Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hair Updates and New Products - 11.20.10

I did my monthly henna treatment today and I think I just might have nailed down a routine (finally) on how to do it with consistent results. I'm mixing about 6 tablespoons of henna with a strong tea of various things such as horsetail herbs, green tea, marshmallow root and let color develop over night. I added around a tablespoon and a half of rosemary infused avacado oil right before applying.
To minimize the dryness that can result from henna use, I'm only painting the roots and scalp with a color brush the full strength mixture, then I mix the remaining 2 tablespoons into a thick deep conditioner to be applied to the rest of the hair.  I plastic cap and sit under my heat cap for 2 hours or so and then 2 without heat, rinse in tub, co-wash in shower with Aussie Moist and I'm done!

I tried out some new products this time around - Aveda's Be Curly and Kinky Curly's Knot today. I put in Kinky Curly first and then Be Curly over it. Not sure I like both together so I will have to try them alone. I will say that Be Curly does what it says. I did notice more curl definition and curl in general as my hair dried.

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ChocolateOrchid said...

Wow! Your hair has grown. Looking good. Glad you found a way to work the henna. Sounds great! I usually used a mix of chamomile, green & hibiscus tea for mine. Hadn't considered adding herbs to the mix but will definitely try next time.

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