Monday, August 26, 2013

Beautiful Period Piece Movies.....

I adore a beautifully filmed period piece. Some of my favorite movies, well besides horror films :-), are films set in a specific place in time.  The amazing wardrobes, attention to aesthetic detail for that particular circa and unmatched cinematography just pulls me in and takes me there every time.

A few of my top favorites are Age of Innocence, Sophia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette and most recently The Great Gatsby.

Below are some of my favorite visuals and of course fashion looks and guides to achieve some of the looks from those films. By adding one or two pieces from to your wardrobe, you can take a little piece of that feeling with you through the day...or night!

The Age Of Innocence Favorites

Favorite Period Piece Movies - Marie Antoinette

Favorite Period Piece Movies - The Great Gatsby

Interesting movie trivia for The Great Gatsby. The director, Baz Luhrmann, felt that he was not getting the proper enthusiastic abandon he wanted while filming the party scene at Gatsby's estate, so he decided to kick it up by blasting Kayne West and Jay-Z's "Ni**a's in Paris". After all, that song could really be Jay Gatsby theme song if you listen to the lyrics. LOL!  

After that and another round of champagne on the set, it was appropriately turned up and he got what he wanted!! LOL!

Party Time!! photo tumblr_mkt0u3n2d61qjnqapo1_500.gif Ball So Hard!! photo tumblr_mnd0seTUAs1s1mhbxo1_500.gif

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