Friday, August 23, 2013

The Hotness!! What A Bargain! Rockstud Pumps.....

Valentino Rockstud Pump (single strap) $945US

 I must admit that I do like the Valentino Rockstud T-Strap pumps that have been the "it" shoe for most of the year. But with the prices ranging from $600 to over $1,500, depending on the style, put it well out of my price range.
Then, after reading blog after blog of Fashionistas lamenting and finally breaking down and charging a shoe they probably won't be caught dead in next year,  I decided looked for a more affordable alternative.
Valentino Rockstud Pump (triple strap) $945.00US

Enter Sole Society Shoes. A fabulous club-based website specializing in affordable, on trend shoes and accessories.  I discovered them while image searching a photo of the Valentino's hoping to find a similar style.  Yatzee!!
Take a look at the Anneke Pump! At a price of $59.95US, I can buy all three colors if I wanted for waaaay less than one pair of the Valentino's!

And if flats are your thing, they have the Izzi Pump priced at $49.95US available for comfort AND style!

So when you find yourself subconsciously trying to convince yourself that the more costly pair is so worth it and you will "wear them forever" and "they will never go out of style".

I urge you to remember the same thing was said about these. LOL!

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