Friday, October 11, 2013

Curlformers: The Answer To Frizz and Lack Of Definition or A Nuisance?

I've been eyeing (and side-eyeing) Curlformers for the better part of a year. I have not purchased them for several reasons. One being the high cost, the number of Curlformers that you need to put in your hair to achieve the desired look and the thought of having to put them in myself. Having my arms up in the air for a long period time is a definite no-no for me.

Curlformer Headitis
 The Curlformers website claims, "Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, transitioning, textured, wavy, kinky, curly, long or short, a full head of defined glossy curls can be yours." 

I suppose the two biggest draws and/or benefits of a product like this are:
A. Escape from the dreaded heat damage that all curlies fear and 
B. Smoothing of frizz and definition of curl.

I've watched quite a few YouTube video tutorials and have read many hair blog articles on this product. I have seen reviews of Curlformers used on a variety of different types of hair, and my thoughts on this product are still undecided. Many have had problems from hair not drying all the way (even after many hours) unless they going under a dryer (heat) and sets not lasting for more than a day after all that effort.

What if after removing them I look like this (points upward) what if I want to comb them out so I don't look like an 8 year old at her first dance recital? Will I be left with a big ole' frizzy, non-defined mess if I comb the set through? Help me out here.

Comes in several lengths and diameters: 

For short hair - up to 8 inches (20cm) long:  Short

For medium-length hair - up to 14 inches (35cm) Long

For long hair - up to 22 inches (55cm) Extra Long

Extra Long Hair - up to 39 inches (75cm) long: Super Long 

To the right are some examples of the results you should expect according to the website.
Looks pretty good, right?
But I guess anytime you have someone doing your hair that can see your head from all angles, you already have an advantage.

Here's a video on how to sleep in them. Apparently this young lady sleeps on her back all night. LOL! If I were to attempt sleeping in these, there would be Curlformers EVERYWHERE (under the bed, by the tv, in the bathroom) when I work up. If I was lucky there might be one or two still left in my head. :-) I'm still on the fence. So please share your experiences, pro/cons tips, etc. and let me know if you have tried Curlformers.

UPDATE:  I went ahead and purchased two 40 each packs from Amazon. Total cost with shipping was $37.85.
These are replicas, but have been reported to work the same as the pricey version. 

It was suggested that that the styling hook from Curlformers be used, as it is sturdier and better to work with. 

It was $3.49 with free shipping, so I order one.
My first Curlformer set!! Took me a while, but it seems I have them it correct. Will remove before I go to bed. :-)


Anonymous said...

If you're on the fence, but want to try them, go with the knock-offs from China on E-bay. I have both "official" and "knock-offs" and can't tell the difference. (Although the curlformers brand hooks are superior to the ebay ones) Also they sell larger diameter ones than the curlformers site, so might avoid the Shirley Temple look. Here's a link to the widest available curlers.

Tina Beanie said...

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check that out. :=)

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