Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Business Cards, Blog Promotion and Future Plans For Elan Tress & Style Blog

My New Business Card - Front on Top/Back on Bottom

I've been blogging in one form or another since 2005, (I have/had two other blogs). One for my virtual worlds/digital work, http://digitalimagefashion.blogspot.com/ and the other was a fashion,product review, lifestyle blog called Advantage Style that was similar to this one. I deleted that blog a few years back, as it was connected to my previous life.

When I first started Elan Tress & Style Blog back in 2009, it was called Elan Tresses. The main focus was to catalogue my natural hair journey and journey into the next phase of my life (I was getting divorced at the time). 

Why did I chose the name Elan? A friend remarked to me one day that I do my creative work and interact with people with such Elan. Elan means energy, style, and enthusiasm and I thought, yeah..that definitely describes how I go about dealing with things in life most of the time. I'm not saying I don't have my down days like everyone else, BUT I try to remember that there are people who would love to have my life and to express gratitude in everything I have and am able to do.

 After a bit, I grew bored and neglected posting, etc. I think part of this was because I was still doing quite a bit of the virtual worlds/digital work and that took up quite a bit of my down time. Flash forward a couple of years and here I am again, back to blogging daily and making a commitment to doing something that I have a passion for and can focus on fully in a way that I have previously not been able to.

I have many plans to revamp the blog look and feel. I also want partner with advertisers and retail sources and offer items for sale and eventually hope to do some collaborations. I also will promote my knowledge and skills in marketing/events planning & management and public relations with businesses on a local scale and hopefully expand from there.

I will be putting up a category header in the coming weeks so that readers can navigate directly to the topics/subjects they have an interest in without having to scroll. I have installed the You Might Also Like code at the bottom of each post that pulls postings like the one you just read with a preview photo and title.

On the advice of another blogger, I recently got a small order of business cards and whenever I strike up a conversation with someone when I'm out and about, I make sure I give them one and ask them to take a look. (see above) For a first printing, they are not bad.  They are on a heavy stock paper with rounded edges. There are some things I will change on the next go around, but it's a good place to start. I ordered from OvernightPrints.com at a cost of under $25.00US for 100. 

I also included a QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) the matrix barcode on my business card which enables it to be scanned with any smartphone and connect to my website. Easy peasy. :-) There are many QR Code generator sites online. Just enter your website address and click a button and volia! Your downloadable QR code is ready in seconds.

I also have plans to attend some of the many blogger events held in NYC in 2014 to network as well as elicit advice and guidance from bloggers I read and admire who have moved up through the ranks and navigated the blogger self promotion waters successfully. 

I'm still in the planning stages of where I want to go with this, but it's a journey I look forward to executing with creative flair and elan style.  :-)  
I ask for your support and feedback and hopefully in return I will provide some good product reviews, a chuckle or two and of course my love of fashion, science, technology and the who, what, whys and hows that make up this wonderful thing we called life. Enjoy!

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