Thursday, November 14, 2013

File Under WTF?! - Fashion Phuckery in Film - Stripper Dress From 80s Horror Movie - The Hidden

Bad 80s horror films have been my secret (okay not so secret) dirty pleasure for a good while now. A few months ago I came across a forgotten gem called "The Hidden" starring Michael Nouri and Kyle MacLachlan, circa 1987.

The premise of the film is your standard good alien vs. bad alien body snatcher type flick, with bad alien jumping from unlikely body to unlikely body throughout the movie. This movie also contains 80s hallmarks of new wave music, cocaine snorting, and both aliens love fast, expensive sports cars for no explainable reason.

At one point bad alien takes over a stripper and sneaks out of the strip joint that is under police lock down looking for him, wearing his new body. LOL!

Bad alien also selected from the stripper's street clothes, this high impact mullet of a bustier mini-dress to escape in. Looks perfectly acceptable from the front albeit a bit short, right?

You can kind of tell something is just not right with the back that dress by the look on officer #1's face, but even that did not prepare me for the total impact of fashion phuckery that followed.

what? photo iYZW6jqQLEfh0.gifBuilt in thong, y'all! Check. Good ole' fashion pancake butt just like Mom used to make! Check. Pancake butt cleavage. Check. Making sure my dress is so short that everyone can see what I had for dinner. Check.

All in all a perfect dress when you look in the closet and say to yourself, "I have nothing to wear!" :-)

You can watch "The Hidden"  in its entirety below. Featuring a very sexy Michael Nouri, a very wooden Kyle MacLachlan (he is supposed to be Good Alien, so I'll cut him a break) and in her first award winning role as Alien/Stripper.....??? Enjoy!

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