Thursday, December 19, 2013

File Under WTF?!?!?......Christmas Gifts For The Naughty

Well, Christmas is next week, and I have seen more gift suggestions and wish lists this year that ever before. Everyone must have been VERY good this year!!....No?!   

Here a few gift ideas for those naughty people on your Christmas list.

Give the Giant Microbe of your choice to that very naughty person. Chose from The Pox, The Clap, Chlamydia, HPV and Herpes or many, many other equally infectious and disgusting microbes. You can collect and trade like beanie babies! LOL!

The Bah, Humbug Candy Cane is a flavorless and stripeless candy cane devoid of all Christmas spirit (may attract three ghosts though).

Makes an excellent stick for whacking all the crazed shoppers and annoying carolers that get in your way. Bah, Humbug!

Show'em how much you love'em and satisfy the need to poke fun at them this Christmas. Nothing says, " I want to see you drunk in this" like an Ugly Christmas Sweater! I suggest styling with a santa hat with your name on it in glitter from your local mall kiosk. Park it by the eggnog bowl so you can be seen and bring good cheer to all that come to fill their cups. 

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