Friday, December 20, 2013

Technology and Apps: Outbreak Tracker

I do see that many people note on Facebook and other social networks when they are sick, when they are in the hospital, etc. Even though I've never done it and don't plan to.
SickWeather claims it uses an advanced logarithm that analyzes posts and status updates by users on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and checks for any mention of illness or sickness. It takes note of the places where these illnesses or sicknesses are mentioned and flags these locations down on the map. Alternatively, you can also search by specific illnesses on the map to see which sites are relatively safe (cough and cold zones) and which sites are places that you should definitely avoid (chicken pox-infested areas.)
Now all they need is zombie apocalypse tracking and we are all covered! LOL!
You can check your area or areas you are headed to on SickWeather.

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