Monday, November 16, 2009

DIY & The Hotness! ! Project Runway!! Episode One

I know I'm not the only one who was loving Ms. Fenty's Prada fur-trimmed sweater dress, but cannot and will not pay the $2,220.00US price tag attached to it!  I'm making (or having made for me, I should say) my OWN version for around $200.00US to wear on my birthday this month.
My first task was to find a suitable sweater dress  at a reasonable price and after a bit of searching I ended up at White House/Black Market.  I wanted long sleeves on my version, and I love the bell shaped sleeve shape.  Plus this sweater dress is a comfortable silk blend and has only 10% wool which means no itcy and a nice fit to it. 
Sometime back while search on-line for some suitable crystal buttons in an attempt to replace the one a local dry cleaners ruined on my Marc Jacobs sweater ( along with my cashmere Juicy hoodie)  *side eye from H E L L to know who you are* I found 3 inch wide, fox fur sold "by-the-yard" on M & J Trimming and bookmarked it knowing some day I would have the desire to have this sewn on SOMETHING..LOL!  Lo and behold, my foresight was not in vain!  I selected the snowtop version/color...white fox subtly tipped in black for contrast and blend with the black dress.
I'll be turning heads paired with some short boots or maybe classic pumps and patterned black stockings. (won't forget my ear rocks and lipgloss ala' Ms. Fenty)

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