Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair Trim Strategies...

I'm definitely on deck for a trim and shaping of my curls.  It is growing like mad and I can see longer strands and overall uneveness on the ends which leads to less clumping of the curl and frizziness.  I'm also seeing some "strand chaffing and/or halo" which means breakage is happening somewhere along the shaft of the hair.

I am still at odds on what approach I should take for this task.  The way I see it my options ad concerns are the following:

1-Go to Salon DelaCruz in NYC and get a cut.  Concerns: Getting too much cut off by an over zealous cutter I've never worked with before and getting bad, uneven cut.

2-Wash, condish, rinse out, leave a light leave in and wrap it backand tie with a satin scarf in a ponytail until dry. It will be wavy after it dries.  Then lightly flat iron with a very warm iron, go to my old hair stylist and have her do a trim straight.  Concerns:  Not really any.  I do want to keep the tri-level cut I currently have and she can follow the line of my current shape with a trim.

3-Wash, Condish, leave in a small amount of condish and braid into four braids on top layer of hair and 4 braids on bottom layer of hair.  Seal he ends and clip off 1/4 of an inch off of each braid myself.

I'm looking at the second week in February and will schedule my cut in accordance with the Morrocco Method Chart. 

I'm interested in what the readers out there have to say about the options I've listed and any advice/opinions you have on them.  Also share your own experiences in the comments!! Thanks!!

This is the length and cut I am shooting for as my hair goal.

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ChocolateOrchid said...

I hate the thought of having my hair trimmed. I want it to be a certain length so badly. In the back of my mind I'm always thinking that it hinders my growth progress, although I know that's not entirely true. Having said that, I have been considering going to a salon to get my hair trimmed but after reading this, I think I'll try to trim some from my twists first before going that route.

Last time I went to a salon (in September) they ended having to trim about 2 inches of hair. Keep in mind that I hadn't had my hair professionally trimmed before then since I had gotten my big chop a 1 1/2 yrs before. I had called myself dusting the ends before then, but obviously it was not enough. I guess the conclusion that I'm coming to is that I'll eventually be visiting a salon for a trim. I'm trying to wait until Spring but I've hit some snags lately so I may hit the salon next month.

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