Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Will You Visit The New Miss Jessie's Location in NYC?

Miss Jessie's is said to have an amazing new deep conditioner, Super Sweetback Treatment.

This, thick, rich and creamy deep conditioner smells like cotton candy and is the softest shade of pink (kids are sure to love this one!). It makes even the driest curls of any texture, smooth, silky and more manageable.

The feedback is encouraging - the treatment felt amazing, and rinsed out well without weighing down the hair. Hair was left smoother, softer and with incredible shine. When hair was left to air dry, there was also much less frizz and hair was much easier to comb through and/or style.

In addition to this fantastic new product, Miss Jessie's also has an beautiful new salon opening in the Soho area of New York City in July, 2010! Note: The new salon will replace the current Miss Jessie's salon in Brooklyn, which will be closing.

Miss Jessie's founders (and sisters pictured left at the salon opening), Titi and Miko, attended to and were involved in every single detail for the salon, from the layout and design, to the type of chairs the clients will sit in, to the stunning decor.They will have a mini Miss Jessie's boutique in the salon as well).

I am in need of a good shaping haircut and just might decide to give Miss Jessie's a shot.  What say you?
Miss Jessie's Salon: 441 Broadway between Grand and Howard


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