Thursday, August 29, 2013

Health & Nutrition - Plus A Fall Veggie List

Eat Well To Live Well!!

I'm lucky I really love fruits and veggies and can happily make a meal with them. Last December I radically changed my eating habits for health reasons.  This forced me to take a good took at what I was putting into my body. Not just prepackaged foods, but become more aware of GMOs, antibiotics and growth hormones being put into chicken and beef, certified organics and how our food supply chain works in the USA. I must say it is not a pretty picture.
I think it's important to know who is behind the brands you buy, what are their standards, philosophy? Are they willing to sacrifice a few cents profit to bring a better product to their customer?
Growing up I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a home grown garden (thank you Granny and Grandpa!). I know what a fresh, organic produce grown with love and care is supposed to taste like.
My diet is now mainly one based on organic veggies, fruits, grains and legumes with seafood a few times a week (mostly a few shrimp or wild salmon). I also try to hit the local farmer's markets to buy and eat locally as much as I can.
It has made a difference in every area of my life. I try to practice what is called "mindful eating". I think about and plan to make sure I am eating throughout the day and have something with me to eat if I can't find anything appropriate. That's not to say I won't have a plate from the soul food restaurant that I like every now and again or a cupcake on that special occasion. Everything in moderation.
I draw the line at fast food restaurants, though (I'm looking at you Wack Arnolds). The food that used to taste so amazing when I was a kid, now taste like cardboard, which is not surprising since wood pulp is used as a filler in a lot of the menu now.

To keep informed I subscribe to several newsletters and blogs like:

I find that they keep me informed and on the path on a daily basis which is always a good thing. I highly recommend watching the documentary "Food For Change". It's available on Netflix or you can watch the first 20 mins. free on their website when subscribing to the weekly newsletter.

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