Saturday, August 24, 2013

Let the Music Play

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Let the Music Play

I think we all know the happy surprise of having a favorite song from the past come on the radio and instantly take you back to that place in time. 

Research by Harvard professor of psychology Ellen Langer, PhD, shows that experiencing a melodious blast from the past can help turn back time for our bodies. (In one of her groundbreaking studies, a group of men in their 70s and 80s became measurably stronger after a week of living like it was 1959, including listening to '50s hits.)

 "Music is a cue, and if you listened to a specific song at a time when you were more vital, hearing it now can make you feel the way you felt back then," says Langer. "The more we experience that vitality, the more we question whether we need to give it up as we get older." 

Time to take those old records off the shelf. 
 Emma Haak

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