Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tea Time! Wonderful Teas I Love

Numi Toasted Rice Organic Tea
This traditional Japanese green tea with toasted rice is often served in restaurants. It has a distinct  robust, nutty and savory flavor which I love with Asian dishes.

Juliet Glass Teapot
 I first tried at a Indian Thai Fusion restaurant and found it to be delicious! Lucky for me there was a huge Asian market located in the same area, so I went in and found some in loose form and also purchase a cute little glass teapot with a built in strainer similar to this. I love the little glass rose on the top! Now I can enjoy its at home with the ease of a teabag with Numi organic tea bags.

Numi White Rose Organic Tea
Lauduree' Desserts
The enchanting White Rose blends the smoothness of delicate, organic white tea with whole organic rose buds. This sweet and fragrant liaison is as provocative as it is healthy. 

It goes great with something sweet like a pretty confection from that dessert tray perhaps? :-)
Lauduree' Desserts

Teas Etc. 8-Count Flowering Green-Tea Sampler

Tea Flowers Are Meant To Share photo 36o3m.gif

I would love to try a flowering tea and plan to purchase this 8-count sample of beauties. 

It definitely would make tea time with a friend an event!

Last but not least, my daily start the day tea is Sencha Organic Green Tea with a fresh slice of lemon. Green tea is known to help with your metabolism, help control insulin spikes after eating, reduce risk of high blood pressure and help prevent signs of aging, This is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. That in itself is good reason to try and have one cup a day. I have personally noticed a difference in the smoothness and firmness of my facial skin when I have a cup religiously. Hey, every little bit helps. :-)

Sencha Organic Green Tea with Lemon

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