Monday, January 6, 2014

Fashion & Technology: Dior Beauty Ad and Using Digital 3D Design Technology For Marketing

This ad is from a couple of years ago, but I wanted to share as an example of how digital 3D design technology can be used for marketing of products, fashion and services. 

 This very cool Dior Beauty ad is a video game based advertisement described as, “a playful look at the world of Dior Beauty.” This is one of a few that have stood out to me.

 The video is a collaboration of all of your favorite vintage video games – Tetris, Pacman and yes, Super Mario Brothers.

Below is an example of my own personal work. A digital fashion video featuring original clothing line I designed and sold in my virtual worlds shop and still sell on the web. 
I think this is a great, cost effective way for designers and other businesses to showcase their services and/or wares. Contact me via email,, for a personal consultation detailing how I can create a demos, commercials, music videos, etc. to fit your needs.

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