Tuesday, January 7, 2014

File Under WTF?! Fashion Phuckery....NFL Nail Designs From CoverGirl

Seattle Seahawks VS. Denver Broncos - (click on image for better view)

The Super bowl is an event worthy of epic house/view parties, eating stadium worthy food and all the beer balls you can bounce.  But Covergirl has gone too far and is on my last nerve with these NFL Nail Designs.

This year the Super bowl will be in my home state of NJ at the MetLife Center and I will be not leaving my house at all on February 2nd....at all.

On the website, you can click on the helmet of the team of your choice and be presented and example of what the horrifying matching nails look like, a link how-to and where to buy....along make up suggestions??!?!  **crickets**

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